So, how does the idea of PRESSING YOUR OWN MONEY sound? S&K PrintShop can help you turn your dream into reality of printing and pressing custom items either at your business or in your spare time to make some extra revenue! We offer two different services in order to help you grow your business or to produce products for fun and profit. We offer our PRINT and PRESS service which has us doing all of the work and then we ship the items to you. You can also have us PRINT the Dye Sublimation Paper and then ship the paper along with the blank items, such as t-shirts, mugs, towels, etc and YOU can then PRESS them when you need them, which saves you money so you can then keep the savings!

S&K is a FULL SERVICE Dye Sublimation printing company that can supply you with all of the items you will need to start pressing your own products. We can supply you with the proper Dye Sub paper for your products to ensure that the outcome is exactly what you need so your customers, family and friends will be happy with the results! This 'do it yourself' idea is great for those wanting to make extra money by selling items such as: t-shirts, socks, mugs, and more! You can sell these items to local sports groups, youth and social organizations, schools, reunions, family functions and more!
Our Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper comes in 4 different qualities: ECONOMY, STANDARD, PREMIUM and SPECIALTY!
- Our ECONOMY paper is great for one or 2 color jobs where color saturation is not critical and cost is a factor.
- Our STANDARD paper is a heavier weight paper that allows for a greater dye transfer to your products.
- Our PREMIUM papers are designed for the maximum dye transfer to your product on both fabric and solid surface.
- Our SPECIALTY papers are designed for products like mugs and metal ( Hard Surface ), clothing and fabric where you want to
   minimize movement and ghosting ( Tacky ) and our super bright Neon Ink paper ( Neon ) to help make your projects stand out!
For additional information about this, or any other product we offer please contact us at 1-800-764-8688 or you can send us an email at sales@skprint.com.
Preparing Your Shirt
After you have received your Dye Sublimation Paper from S&K you will need to prepare your shirt ( or other item ) on your heat press. Please ensure that you have most of the large wrinkles out as they can cause creases in the fabric that can result in some areas of the item to be blank.

For this design we printed a left pocket design so we have the front of the shirt facing UP with the collar towards the back of the machine ( away from operator ). We have centered the shirt to make it easy to set the paper on in the next step. Please be aware that the press is VERY HOT - Approx. 400°F!
Setting your Dye Sublimation Artwork
Once you have your shirt in place, since it was centered in the last step, you will then place your Dye Sublimation Paper face down on your item while taking care to not move the shirt. Center the paper over the shirt. You should have about 1 inch of paper that will be outside of the press when it is closed.
Protect your Press and Products!
To help protect your press and future items that you will be pressing it is highly recommended that you place a piece of craft paper above your dye sub paper. This paper will help to catch any stray ink that may be released during the pressing process. This stray ink can stick to the press and then be transfered to the next item. It is better to take a few moments to protect your machine to help reduce mistakes down the road!
Pressing the Shirt
Close the heat press on all of the items: your shirt, the dye sublimation paper and the craft paper. The heat press temperature and time will vary by unit but you will press the item at approximately 400°F for 35-45 seconds. You will need to do a sample press or two once you get your machine to see what setting works the best ( as you should then be able to use this setting for future presses ).
Removal of the Dye Sub Paper
AS SOON AS THE PRESS LIFTS you will need to very quickly pull out ( or SNAP it out ) the dye sublimation and craft paper. If you do not remove this quickly and cleanly you may end up with ghosting on your item! Pull the papers out with a quick/clean pull and THEN lift the press the rest of the way up.
Removing your Item
Please be aware that the press and item that was just pressed will be very hot when removing so it is best to grab the item by the edges that were NOT in the press. The item is now ready to be removed from the press for cooling and folding ( if required ).
Finished Product
The entire process from start to finish should take less than 2 minutes ( preparing the press, adding the item, adding the dye sub paper, adding the craft paper, pressing and the removal of the papers ). While you are pressing one item you can be getting the next item ready for increased speed and less down time, which means greater $ in your pocket! If you do not have a press or do not wish to press your items S&K will be happy to assist you with the printing AND pressing so you can have more time to sell your beautiful products!