Stuff-It Face Pillow

Available Products:

• Stuff-It Face Pillow

Standard Production Time:

• 7 - 10 Days ( After Approval Of Artwork )

Stuff-It Face Pillow Overview:

Create large pillows with faces, pets, products, and more that you stuff yourself! Save money by doing this super easy project of stuffing the pillow and tying the ends, so no sewing is needed! Great for gifts given for all ages!

       • Full Color Print
       • Easy to Stuff
       • No Sewing Needed!
       • Easy to Mail as a Gift
       • Several Sizes Available

Product Information:

Each pillow comes fully printed and sewn, except for a small area where you will insert your own stuffing of your choice. Once stuffed, you will take the long sections of fabric and tie a knot onto the pillow to seal it in.